Don't Take That Receipt!

How to Reduce Exposure

How To Reduce Exposure




According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the best ways to reduce exposure to BPA from receipts is to simply not handle receipts for extended periods of time. Receipts should not come into contact with food or be stored in pockets/purses. While repurposing receipts may seem convenient, avoid using them in place of tissues, napkins, and non thermal paper products to absorb liquids and oils from you face and foods, blowing your nose or writing notes.  Decline receipts whenever possible and GO PAPERLESS!  But if you must take a physical receipt, minimize your contact with it by using your fingertips to grasp it lightly. If you are an employee who frequently handles receipts, fold receipts ink side in and try wearing gloves to avoid BPA from entering your blood stream. Do not use hand sanitizer or lotions after receipt handling as it increases  BPA exposure that enters you body. Finally, remember that receipts are non-recyclable & always ask the customer if they want a receipt, don’t print one if it is not requested. 




  • Wear gloves.

  • Ask the customer first if they want a receipt and do not print one if not requested.

  • When handing receipts to customers, fold them ink-side in.

  • Wash hands frequently.

  • Avoid using hand sanitizer after touching receipts.




  • Decline your receipt unless necessary.

  • Avoid handling receipts for long periods of time.

  • Avoid repurposing receipts (e.g. writing notes, blotting foods, wiping your face).

  • Avoid using hand sanitizer after touching receipts.

  •  Ask for an E-receipt.