Don't Take That Receipt!

Our Campaign

Our Campaign

Don't Take That Receipt! is a public health and environmental justice group in Western Massachusetts. Our mission is to educate vulnerable populations - those who work in stores and restaurants - and the general public, about the presence of bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS) in receipts. We provide tips and assistance to cashiers, managers, and business leaders for reducing exposure and creating systemic changes that benefit the health of workers and customers. Our adult-youth collaboration created the humorous educational video, This Will Change How You Shop Forever, that spawned the organization’s work.

Store-to-Store Outreach

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Our regional store outreach focuses on face-to-face conversations with cashiers and store and restaurant managers.  Our team is beginning this campaign in Holyoke, Massachusetts this summer, and will expand to regional Western Mass towns throughout the fall, winter and spring. We are providing bilingual tip-cards to cashiers and managers, and are tracking and evaluating tangible steps that are taken to make employees and stores safer.

While our team of 8 is doing this store to store outreach in our own state, we provide printable tips cards for cashiers and managers, free of charge for anyone to do this same outreach anywhere in the US and beyond!

Cashier Tips Card (front)
Tips for Managers  (back)

Social Media

Through our online outreach, we aim to reach tens of thousands of views of the video across our state and nation-wide.

We are strategically reaching out to Massachusetts-based nonprofits, environmental health groups, businesses, unions, schools, activists, cashiers, fast food workers, healthcare professionals, bank tellers, librarians, and customers, as they have a vested interest in understanding and sharing this information.

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News Media

We also aim to garner regional and statewide print, radio, television, podcast, and online media coverage of our campaign and video, our messaging for how to reduce exposure, and our campaign success stories. Stay tuned for information on our Press Event coming up in August!

We were recently featured on radioplasma, a wonderful podcast by Iohann Rashi Vega about everything Holyoke. Listen here!

Media such as Western Mass News and The Holyoke Sun covered our media event.

Local reporter Natalia Muñoz of Holyoke Media also created this informative short video from our media event, featuring most of our staff and also Dr. Laura Vandenberg of UMass Amherst.

Natalia Muñoz is like our biggest fan! She also interviewed us for her WHMP radio show, Vaya Con Muñoz!  Part 2 is airing soon.

Susan Eastwood wrote some great letters to the editor, published in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Willimantic, CT Chronicle! 

Our Partners, Funding, and Fiscal Sponsorship 


Our online outreach in collaboration with our partners will also focus on national corporations. Through our joint efforts with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, Ecology Center, Green America, Clean Water Action, and Mamavation we are engaging the public to sign petitions and share social media messages to encourage target companies to switch to phenol-free receipts and paperless POS technology. An early adopter of these better protocols, in response to this group pressure, is Trader Joe’s, which also has nearly 20 stores across MA.

Don’t Take That Receipt! is a proud sponsored project of Filmmakers Collaborative. Our outreach campaign is so thankful to our funders, the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, The Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice, and the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.  We are able to provide summer youth jobs through a grant from the Massachusetts Attorney General Healthy Summer Jobs fund as well as through our partnership with CareerPoint in Holyoke.  

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