Don't Take That Receipt!

What is BPA?


What Is BPA?


Bisphenol A or BPA is a reproductive, developmental, and systemic toxin. It's a chemical commonly found in thermal paper, plastics, baby bottles, canned goods, personal care products, food packaging, cigarette filters, and cosmetics. For a chemical that is found in so many items that we use daily, it is problematic and concerning that BPA is not harm free. In animal studies, BPA exposure has been associated with fertility issues, breast cancer, asthma, diabetes, depression, heart disease, memory function, high blood pressure, and can impact liver and brain function. BPA has potentially harmful effects on the human endocrine system, as it mimics the effects of estrogen in the human body causing developmental problems. As a result, BPA is especially harmful for pregnant women, nursing women, women who are trying to become pregnant, youth, and adolescence.



BPA In Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is commonly used for receipts because cash registers produce heat that causes a change in color in the paper. In other items such as hard plastics and food packaging, BPA is bound, meaning it leeches out over periods of time. In receipts however, BPA is unbound: there is consequently an especially high risk of exposure to BPA through handling receipts. Imaging working at a register, where you process hundreds of receipts each day! Exposure to BPA starts immediately upon contact with thermal paper receipts; once the chemical comes into contact with the skin, it can then be absorbed into the blood stream.  All this information may seem overwhelming or frightening, but by being informed you can reduce your exposure to BPA from receipts!